1. Configuring Experience Stations

  2. Launching the Experiences App

  3. Customer Experience

A faster setup and check-in process for you and your customers is coming soon!

Configuring Experience Stations

The first big change comes when configuring your Experience Stations! All settings for Experience Stations will now be configured directly in MyBlackbird.

Launching the Experiences App

Moving forward, Experience Stations will have their own unique URLs, removing the need for you and your staff to log in to tablets and devices! Experience Stations will be accessible via a URL, or by going to checkin.myblackbird.com/activate and inputting the station's Activation Code.

After selecting your Station Type, select Launch Station or Launch QR-Code for a touchless check-in!

Customer Experience for Touchless Check-In

Upon arriving in the store, customers will be presented with a QR code unique to that Experience Station as well as the current day/time.

Scanning the QR code will open the Experiences App on the customers mobile device. From here customers can:

  • Subscribe to marketing

  • Get points for checking in

  • Set their interests

  • Redeem rewards

These changes can be expected to go live Monday, August 15th!

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