1. Set Up Guide

Setup Guide

You will be provided the flexibility of setting up your Google Analytics integration on your own time directly within MyBlackbird. Configuring the integration is easy!

GA4 ID in Google

You will need to grab your GA4 ID once you have created your Google Analytics account has been set up. To do so, access the Settings Wheel found on the bottom left corner of your Google Analytics dashboard. From here, click the Data Streams tab and find your Measurement ID. Once found, copy the Measurement ID!

Please Note: If you have no data stream tab, you will need to set one up. GA4 IDs tend to start with a G- and then an alphanumeric code afterwards. Universal Analytics IDs are found elsewhere for customers who are still on the older service. Please consult documentation for finding those IDs and be mindful that Google will be getting rid of them entirely in 2023.

What happened to my Tracking ID? - Google Analytics Help.

Google Analytics ID in MyBlackbird

You will need to paste the Measurement ID copied from your Google Analytics account to finish setting up the integration. Once copied, navigate to the Integration Hub Block in MyBlackbird. Next, select the Google Analytics integration.

Paste the Measurement ID into the code field and click Save! Analytics will begin flowing into your Google Analytics dashboard within a few hours, some E-commerce data taking up to 24-48 hours to begin registering.

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