1. Why Integrate with Google Analytics?

  2. Key Features

Why Integrate with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is considered best in class for realtime website insight and metrics. Blackbird has leveraged all of Google’s additional E-commerce functionality and made it available to you - providing shopper insights like demographic, location, device, where they reached your menu from, etc. for actionable marketing.

Key Features

Shopping and Purchasing Behavior

Get access to shopping and analysis reports which allow you to track and manage buying trends and behaviors. With this feature, you will be able to track information like specific product page views, abandoned carts, completed transactions, and more.

Economic Performance

Use the Overview and Product Performance report that includes the following insights:

  • Revenue and conversion rates generated by sales of your products

  • The number of products that are included in an average transaction

  • The average value of each order

  • How often a shopper adds a product to their cart after viewing product details

Merchandising Success

Get insights into how effective your marketing efforts have been with the following reports:

  • The Affiliate Code report allows for the tracking of revenue, transactions, and average order value with regard to how affiliate sites are driving shoppers to you

  • The Order Coupon report lets you track all of the above information, with additional insights into order-level coupons

  • The Product Coupon report tells you how effective product-level coupons have been in terms of producing revenue

  • The Internal Promotion report provides data on internal promotions from your website (when one page on your site is promoting another page)

Product Attribution

Learn more about the relationship between product lists and conversion and determine which product(s) are driving the most sales, as well as what led a shopper to purchase a product. With this, you can continue to drive conversions by optimizing your marketing efforts.

Example: A shopper triggers a conversion event by adding a product to their cart. This activates a ‘last action’ attribute which gives product-level credit to the Last Product List that the shopper interacted with.

Please Note on Google Analytics Version 4

We highly recommend customers utilize GA4 (Google Analytics 4), as this is the most modern analytics offering google provides. Google will be getting rid of UA on July 1st, 2023 so existing customers will need to upgrade eventually. Google Analytics accounts are free to setup and maintain.

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