1. Enabling Curbside Pickup

  2. Automated Notifications

  3. Shopper Experience

  4. Pending Orders

Curbside Pickup Windows are a great option for those that aim to limit the number of people inside the physical store at one time.

Enabling Curbside Pickup

To enable Curbside Pickup, simply navigate to the Settings and Configurations block, then select the Online Menu block.

From here, scroll to the Curbside Pickup Settings and click on the box to enable the feature.

Then, set your online ordering hours for Curbside Pickup.

Once online ordering hours have been set, you'll want to create service windows. For more information on creating service windows, check out our Help Center article, here!

Automated Notifications

Next, update the Pickup Order Notifications to include pick up instructions when your shopper arrives at your dispensary. This can be done using the Pickup Order Placed confirmation notification or the Pickup Order Ready notification. For example:

  • Pickup order placed confirmation: Your pickup order has been received! {{merchant_name}} will begin filling your order. Your order will be ready for you to pickup at {{service_window}}. Please give us a call when you arrive at the dispensary to pick up your order. We will bring your order out to you. Thank you!

  • Order is ready for pickup: Your order has been fulfilled! Please pickup your order at {{merchant_name}} at {{service window}}. Please give us a call when you arrive at the dispensary to pick up your order. We will bring your order out to you. Thank you!

For more information on automated notifications, check out our Custom Automated SMS Notifications article, here!

Shopper Experience

When the shopper navigates to checkout, they will see Curbside Pickup as an option. Once the shopper selects Curbside Pickup, they will see the service window options to select from.

Pending Orders

Curbside Pickup orders will populate within your Online Orders block including the service window selected on the order.

Incoming orders have a clear priority, allowing your dispensary staff to fulfill orders in a more timely and efficient manner, take the guesswork out of order fulfillment, and give staff the time needed to accurately fill orders.

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