Setup Guide

You will be provided the flexibility of setting up your Blaze integration on your own time directly within MyBlackbird. Configuring the integration is easy. Once it is set up clients can see the integration sharing and receiving information - allowing you to monitor your own integration data.

Required Info

Each Blaze account has the ability to create API keys that allow third party software platforms to share and receive select information that clients will need to create prior to setup in MyBlackbird.

Generating a new API Key

You can generate the needed Blackbird API key by navigating to Global Settings under the Company Management section on the left side nav.

From there, you will be taken to a new page for company wide settings and configuration. From the newly visible menu, you should expand Company Settings and click on Developer Keys . From there, you can create the key as shown below.

Upon hitting the Save button, Blaze will generate an API key for us, this is the key that we are going to copy and paste into MyBlackbird to get things up and running.

Now we need to take this newly copied key and setup the integration in MyBlackbird.

MyBlackbird Setup Steps

Once you have obtained all the required API key from Blaze, setting up the integration is as simple as pasting the API Key value into MyBlackbird.

Users will navigate to their Settings & Configurations section in MyBlackbird and from there go to the Integrations Hub.

Enter Authorization Info

Enter in your organization name you utilize in Blaze, Access Key, Store ID, Client ID and Client Secret. We will use this to connect MyBlackbird to your POS.

Enable Desired Functionality

With the API key entered, we can now choose the sync functionality we would like to have with the integration.

  • Staging Mode: This is Blaze’s test mode. If you have a staging version of your location you would like to test the integration on without polluting your real environment, you should enable this. However, this should definitely not be enabled when you go live.

  • Sync Products: You should enable this if you plan to use the integration to facilitate an online menu. This sync will pull inventory from Blaze for all inventory that is in-stock. New and updated products will sync every 5 minutes.

  • Sync Consumers: You should enable this if they plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls customer information from Blaze into Blackbird and allows Blackbird to associate customer info with orders, when available. New and updated customer information is pulled into Blackbird every 3 hours.

  • Sync Orders: You should enable this if you plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls in order information for completed orders in Blaze. When used with a loyalty program, orders will be used to award customers points for their purchase. Order syncs run every 3 hours.

  • Push Consumers to POS: This enables Blackbird to push customer info into Blaze for customers who do not enter the system via an order. So if you would like customers created via check-in app or other loyalty method to automatically be pushed to Blaze they should enable this feature.

  • Push Orders to POS: You may want to enable order push functionality to send new online orders directly to your Blaze account for fulfillment. This will remove the need to manually recreate customer profiles and orders in Blaze. Orders will be pushed directly to Blaze in real time as they are received.

  • Order Sync Start Date: The date entered in this field allows flexibility in determining when to start pulling in order info. For example, you may not want to pull orders in from all time, but may only want orders to start coming in after the start of the current month. Orders that are completed in Blaze before the date in this field will not be pulled through the integration. This field is useful for points per dollar loyalty - all orders pulled through the integration will be awarded points if the loyalty program has PPD set up.

Activate Integration

Once all info is added and the desired functionality is enabled, the last step is to set the integration Active and save the configuration information. The integration can be deactivated at any time.

Monitoring Integration Activity

Monitoring the information shared between Blaze and Blackbird is easy! Users can navigate to the Activity Log within your Integration Hub to see what information is being pulled from Blaze, how frequently new info comes in and if there are any errors with the integration.

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