1. How do I create an Inventory Discount?

  2. What is an Inventory Discount used for?

  3. How does an Inventory Discount apply?

To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block.

How do I create an Inventory Discount?

To create a discount for one specific inventory SKU, start by selecting a unique name for the discount. Next, add a description (for internal use only) to make it easier for you staff to know exactly what the discount applies to. Finally, choose Inventory as the feature that the discount applies to.

Once Inventory is chosen, the discount creation form will expand to include all of the additional fields necessary for creating the discount. From the drop-down menu, search for the Product that the inventory SKU is connected to.

For the example below, we want to create a discount for a single batch of Cadillac Purple eighths. To do this, we chose the correct brand of Cadillac Purple flower as the product. Next, we selected the specific batch of inventory or inventory SKU associated with this product that we would like to offer a discount on.

From here, we also set the amount type (percentage or dollar amount off), minimum quantity (product minimum quantity required for this discount), maximum quantity (product maximum quantity required for this discount), minimum subtotal (order minimum required for this discount, the limit per customer (number of orders a customer can apply this to), the date range and days available, as well as whether not not the discount can be applied through an online order.

Once finished, simply select Save!

What is an Inventory Discount used for?

Like a product discount, inventory discounts are applied to a specific inventory batch or SKU that you carry. So, if you wanted to place a discount on a specific batch of inventory, you would use this discount class and it would be applied to any orders including the batch of inventory you selected.

How does an Inventory Discount apply?

  • Inventory discounts apply automatically when a specific product is added to an order.

  • All inventory of the batch/SKU selected will be affected by this type of discount.

  • In the event that you do not wish to honor the discount for some reason, you are always able to remove it after it has been automatically applied.

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