1. Managing iHeartJane Orders for Blackbird Delivery

  2. Processing iHeartJane Deliveries for Blackbird

  3. Tracking iHeartJane Deliveries by Blackbird

If you have a Blackbird x iHeartJane integration set up to receive iHeartJane online orders for home delivery by Blackbird, you will be able to manage, process, and track these deliveries directly from the Delivery Tracking Block.

Please Note: Orders received from iHeartJane will NOT populate in the Online Orders Block. Rather, they will only display in the Delivery Tracking Block, as Blackbird is receiving the delivery and not the order itself.

Managing iHeartJane Orders for Blackbird Delivery

All orders received from iHeartJane should automatically populate in your store's point-of-sale for fulfillment. Once the order has been fulfilled and completed in your POS, you are ready to process the delivery in MyBlackbird so that Blackbird can pick up the order and deliver it to your customer.

Processing iHeartJane Deliveries for Blackbird

To process iHeartJane delivery in MyBlackbird, start with the Delivery Tracking Block. From here, you can update your filters and search for the delivery (Pro Tip: Ctrl + F or command + F on a MacBook will allow you to search the customer's name to find their delivery).

Once you have located the delivery, you are able to update the Collect Amount to match the final collect amount determined by your POS. To update the Collect Amount, select the current collect amount and edit it to your preferred amount. This will ensure that the correct delivery fee and rate are applied to the delivery, as well as ensure that Blackbird drivers collect the correct amount upon delivery.

Tracking iHeartJane Deliveries by Blackbird

To track the status of an iHeartJane delivery, you can do so directly from the delivery details page. Here, you will see the custody log, which will show the current and past statuses of the delivery, including Unassigned, Assigned, Picked, On the Way, and Delivered.

To see the service window the customer chose their order to be delivered within, you can reference the Delivery Notes section. Service windows from iHeartJane do not immediately populate in the Requested Delivery Window or ETA sections, rather, they automatically display in the Notes section and then are updated by Blackbird Dispatch from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my customers receive text message updates for their delivery?

Yes! Customers will receive all of the same Blackbird delivery text messages (as long as they have been enabled) to update them on the status of their delivery, as well as let them know when a driver is on their way to them.

How will my customers pay for their deliveries?

Blackbird will collect cash payment upon delivery based on the order receipt (provided by your POS) and the Collect Amount in MyBlackbird. All cash collected by our drivers will be returned to you on the following day's settle up.

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