1. Creating an Interest Tag

  2. Managing Interest Tags

  3. Adding Interests to Consumer Profiles

Interest Tags allow you to define what Interests you'd like presented to consumers upon sign-up via the check-in app, collect embed, or mobile check-in. You can enable the default interests we provide or, create your own.

Creating an Interest Tag

From the Organization level in MyBlackbird, select the Customer Block > Then select the Connect Block > Interests Tab.

Here, you will see a + Create Interest button in the top right.

This will open a form where you only fill out one field: the name of the interest. Then you save the form and the interest will be created and automatically enabled!

Once created, the new interest will be automatically enabled for all locations in that Organization.

With the interests created, it should now appear in all the relevant consumer touch points like check-in app, mobile check-in, and the collect embed.

Managing Interest Tags

From the same tab, you can make interests visible or hidden from consumers. To hide the interest from consumers, simply toggle to Hidden.

Note: All interests can be manually added to consumer profiles regardless of whether it is visible or hidden to consumers.

Adding Interests to Consumer Profiles

You are now able to add interests to consumer profiles directly in situations where you’d like consumers to have specific interests.

To add an Interest Tag to a consumer's profile manually,

from the Org or Location level, navigate to the Customer Center Block > The the Customers Block > Search for the appropriate Consumer profile and select Details on the right hand side > Then select the Interests tab

Clicking the interest will add it to the consumer's list of interests if it isn’t already added. Selected interests can also be removed this way. Selected interests will be highlighted with blue circles as shown above.

With Interest Tags, you are able to build targeted Connect Lists. Learn more about Connect Lists, here! Once created, Connect Lists allow you to compose and send interest targeted MMS campaigns and email campaigns (coming soon).

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