Retailer Marketplace Listings are like mini web-pages for retailers to promote your loyalty program, place links to your social media pages, create custom posts, acquire new subscribers, and more!

Where will consumers see my listing?

Listings will show based on the geographic areas you select, as well as the geographic area the consumer searches for on BlackbirdGo.

Once a user has set their location on BlackbirdGo, the page will display Featured Brands, Featured Retailers, Online Shopping Menus, Retailer Listings and Brand Listings.

What information can I include on my listing?


Customize the photo that displays on your store listing.


Customize photo that displays as your store's logo to familiarize consumers with your business.

Cover Photo

Customize the cover photo of your listing to best represent your store.

Enable Rewards

Enable the ability for consumers to view all Loyalty rewards, as well as enroll in your Loyalty Program.

Enable Chat - Coming Soon!

Enable the ability for consumers to communicate directly through two-way chat.

Enable Subscriptions

Enable the ability for consumers to subscribe to your Connect marketing messaging.

Social Media Links

Add links to your social media profiles, including Instagram and Twitter.


Keep consumers up-to-date with the latest news for your store, post about deals, specials, events, etc. to make sure everyone stays in the loop!

Can I have more than one listing?

Yes! However, you are only able to create one (1) listing per store, per account. If you would like to have a listing for an additional store, please contact to upgrade your account.

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