"To our Valued Clients,

Text messaging for cannabis operators, both transactional and promotional, is facing extreme regulatory pressures initiated by the FCC and operationalized by carriers like Verizon, AT&T and TMobile. Blackbird has always worked diligently to operate within the compliance guidelines set forth by our communications partner. (You may have noticed that we block certain terms like "cannabis" from being used in the body of text campaigns.)

Unfortunately, these efforts are no longer sufficient for our current sending partner.

What This Means For You

Starting Friday, April 30th, we will be temporarily limiting some of our messaging functionality, specifically in regards to SMS messages. *As of now, you will still be able to send MMS promotional campaigns.

We will also be temporarily disabling outbound Two-Way Chat communication, however your customers will still have the ability to send inbound messages to your location.

Additionally, automated notifications (e.g. order confirmation, delivery ETA, etc.) will be communicated with your customers via email for the time being.

How This Affects Your Billing

If you are currently on a recurring SMS segment bundle plan, these will no longer be charged beginning Saturday, May 1st. Additionally through this transition, all MMS messages will be charged at SMS rates.

Treating This as an Opportunity for Innovation

Having operated in cannabis since 2015, we are very familiar with the hurdles that regulated cannabis operators face as you pave the way in this nascent industry. We choose to look at these hurdles as an opportunity to show our company's commitment to the success of our partners, our team's incredible resilience, and our dedication to evolving our product offerings in the most exciting and innovative ways possible. This will be no exception.

Blackbird's first priority will be to mitigate the immediate adverse effects to your business as best as possible through the utilization of MMS and email, and immediately transition to a new sending provider. Our second priority will be developing features that leverage new technologies to promote the sale of cannabis products to consumers. Our team is already working on communication initiatives for email, voice, and push notifications as well as marketplace initiatives like retail and brand listings. We will keep you posted as we make quick progress!

Please expect to see correspondence from us directly and through the MyBlackbird application and other mediums. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. In the meantime, you are welcome to check our Help Center resources regarding MMS Messaging and TCPA Compliance.

We are here to help you through this transition in whatever ways possible. Thank you for being such an important part of our business.

All the best,

Your Friends at Blackbird"

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