This article covers removing a Customer Discount from a customer profile. If a Customer Discount needs to be removed from an order, but you would still like for the customer to have it applied to future orders, please follow the steps provided here!

To remove a Customer Discount applied to a customer profile, navigate to the Customer Center block and then click into the Customers block. Once in the Customers block, search for the particular customer and click into their details on the far right. Once in the customer profile details scroll down and select the Notes & Discounts tab.

From here you will be able to see the Customer Discount that has been applied to the customer's profile. To remove the Customer Discount click the 'x' on the far right of the Customer Discount row and then click Save. You will know if the Customer Discount was successfully removed if the row now reads Customer Discount and there is no longer an 'x' available.

Examples of why you may want to remove a Customer Discount: the discount no longer applies to the customer or there is a Customer Discount that would be better applied to their profile. Customers can only have one Customer Discount applied to their customer profile at a time.

Learn more about Customer Discounts here!

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