1. Carrier-Specific Campaign Analytics

2. Carrier-Specific Connect Lists
3. Image Carousels on BlackbirdGo
4. Easy Access to Loyalty
5. Configurable SMS Location Name

Carrier-Specific Campaign Analytics

You can now track your message deliverability over time, as well as on a per campaign and per carrier basis!

Gain insights into which carriers successfully send campaigns the most, create carrier-specific subscriber lists, and generate texts to maximize message deliverability.

Carrier-Specific Connect Lists

Using the insights gained from carrier-specific campaign analytics, you can also send campaigns to customers using a specific cell-carrier.

This allows you to send more concise, segmented messages to customers of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and all other major carriers.

Image Carousels on BlackbirdGo

Provide your customers a more engaging shopping experience by adding images to the products they love the most.

By uploading images to individual batches of inventory in MyBlackbird, customers will have the ability to see additional details like product type, packaging, dosage, consistency, etc.

Easy Access to Loyalty

No menu on BlackbirdGo? No problem!

Now, your customers can check their loyalty points, tier, and available rewards on their own. By embedding or linking the standalone Loyalty page on your website, you can display daily rewards and loyalty details

Your customers will also be able to text POINTS to the phone number displayed on your Loyalty page to view their current point balance at your location.

Configurable SMS Location Name

Now, you can customize the location name that displays in your SMS messages!

By customizing your SMS Location Name, you can avoid carrier-sensitive words that may exist in your business name (words often flagged by cell carriers as cannabis-related). Increase message deliverability and avoid carrier-blocking more easily!

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