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To begin setting up your OnFleet integration, start by navigating to the Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Integrations Hub Block.

Setup Guide


You must have an active account with OnFleet with a Basic, Premium or Professional plan. Those using the Starter plan will not be able to set up an integration with Blackbird, as Onfleet does not offer API access for those using the Starter Plan.

OnFleet accounts are not provided by Blackbird! You will need to set up your account prior to integration.

Configuration Fields

Before setting up your integration, you will need to obtain your specific keys to allow secure access to share data between both systems. The sections below will detail how to set up an API key for the integrations as well as explain optional configurations for enhanced functionality.


OnFleet allows you to create and manage API keys, so you will not need to reach out to OnFleet for this information. The steps below detail how you can create an API key for Blackbird

  • An Administrator can create an API key by going to the API & Webhooks section in their dashboard settings

  • You will then need to select the plus (+) button in the bottom right of the API Keys section to create a new API Key for Blackbird.

  • You will be asked to name the integration, for Blackbird's purpose you can name it whatever they would like to keep track of the use. Blackbird will not need the name for the integration.

  • Once created, you can use the newly created API key for use in the integration.

Webhook Secret REQUIRED

Once an API key is set up, you should hit the save button and webhooks will automatically be generated. Since the integration relies on webhooks to ensure that the status of deliveries is updated in both OnFleet and MyBlackbird, part of the integration set up will be to add a credential for the webhook secret. You will be able to find this credential by using the following steps:

  • In the API & Webhooks section (same section used to generate the API Key), there is a section below the API keys for Webhooks. Below that is a section where you can access their webhook secret.

  • You should select Show secret to copy the secret for use in the integration credentials.

Optional Functionality

The OnFleet integration supports several additional features that are not required for the integration setup, but may be used by the dispensary in their operational practices. If you are utilizing any of the following features, they can be implemented into the integration with Blackbird to help facilitate the client's processes.

Auto Assign to Team or Driver

This feature allows for deliveries created through an integration to be assigned automatically to a specified driver/dispatcher or a team. You may want to utilize the assign to worker feature if they have only one employee handling deliveries, or if all employees share the same log in. You may want to use the assign to team feature if you have multiple teams or multiple locations utilizing the same OnFleet account. For example, some dispensaries may have two locations, but share the same OnFleet account. In this case, each location could have their own integration with a designated team. This would allow companies using one account to have deliveries routed to the correct team/location.

Client Information Needed for Feature:

  • Team or Worker: You will need to let Blackbird know if they want deliveries assigned automatically to a team or to an individual

  • ID: the ID of the team or the worker based on which is chosen. This information can be found in the Dashboard Settings of an account administrator

Please Note: Only one of the auto assign features can be used, they can't be used in conjunction with each other. For example, if the team feature is in use, you cannot simultaneously use the auto-assign to driver functionality.

Auto-assign Mode

OnFleet supports the ability to auto-assign deliveries to drivers based on two criteria. The first being the distance based - in this mode the OnFleet task would be auto-assigned to the driver whose last task was closest to the destination of the new task. The second option is load based - in this mode the task would be assigned to the driver with the least amount of other non-completed tasks, or the driver with the lightest workload.

Client Information Needed for Feature:

  • You will simply need to enable this feature, and select which option (distance mode or load mode) you would like to use. Only one mode can be selected. Other than that, nothing needs to be provided by you for this feature to work.

Please Note: Only one of the auto assign features can be used, they can't be used in conjunction with each other.

Third Party Delivery

This feature allows those who have an OnFleet account to push tasks to another third party OnFleet account. The use case here would be a dispensary that offers delivery, but does not do the deliveries in house, instead contracting another company or service to do so. This feature is supported with the Blackbird integration if it is something the dispensary is doing.

Client Information Needed for Feature:

  • Organization ID of the Third Party: This is the ID of the connected organization. Connected organizations can be found in Dashboard Settings of an OnFleet Administrator's account.

Completion Requirements

This functionality requires a Professional or Premium OnFleet plan.

OnFleet allows you to set requirements that must be met in order for task to be completed. These requirements allow their organizations to record proof of delivery by requiring drivers to obtain signatures from recipients, add notes to the task or upload images/photos. Often times dispensaries will have these configurations set up to automatically be required for all tasks, as these are part of their process. If a Blackbird client does utilize completion requirements in OnFleet, it can be incorporated as a setting in your integration so that all delivery tasks that are created in OnFleet by Blackbird have these requirements upfront. Completion requirements are not required and you can have one, many or all if desired.

Client Information Needed for Feature:

  • All that is needed from you is which of the following you would like to have apply to all tasks created by Blackbird integration

Please Note: This feature is only supported on a Premium or Professional Plan. Clients using the Starter or Basic Plan will not have access to this functionality.

Setup Steps

You will select OnFleet from the Integration Hub to begin. From there, enter all required integration credentials as well as any options requirements you would like to use.

Once all required fields and any optional fields are filled out, you should set the integration to Active and Save the credentials.

Monitoring Integration Activity

The Activity Log of the integration settings page allows users to monitor the information that is being sent to OnFleet. Each delivery that is created in OnFleet will be in the log, including whether the information push was successful or not. In this way, you can use the activity log information to gain insight into errors and how to best resolve them.

Each delivery that is pushed to OnFleet will be included in the Activity Log with a reference number. In this way, you can see in real time if there are any errors submitting deliveries.

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