Delivery Failed to Create Task in OnFleet

There are two reasons why a delivery will fail to create a task in OnFleet: If the phone number is invalid or if the delivery address is invalid.

OnFleet's API will validate both of these things to ensure that the phone number being entered is real and that the address has valid coordinates. In both cases these issues will be visible in the Activity Log. These issues can be fixed by updating the incorrect information in MyBlackbird.

You are unable to create an API key in your OnFleet account

  1. You should check to make sure your account is on the Basic, Premium or Professional Plan. If you are using the Starter plan, you will not have access to the features that allow you to create API keys for third party integration.

  2. You should contact OnFleet Support to get any further issues resolved.


Do I need to interact with the delivery order in MyBlackbird?

No. The order that is submitted from BlackbirdGo will get pushed to OnFleet without you needing to take any additional actions in MyBlackbird.

Will changes to the task in OnFleet be reflected in MyBlackbird/BlackbirdGo?

No. Changes to the task will not get pushed back to the order or delivery in MyBlackbird or be reflected in the customer's order history in BlackbirdGo. This includes updates to the status of the delivery, updating recipient information and deleting the task in OnFleet.

What happens if I clone a task in OnFleet that is tied to a delivery order in MyBlackbird?

Nothing! You are free to make duplicates of tasks without any repercussions to BlackbirdGo or your integration with Blackbird.

What information does not get passed to OnFleet from Blackbird?

The order total and order products will not get passed to OnFleet. There is no field on the OnFleet tasks to pass this information to.

What happens if a dispensary has more than one location using the same OnFleet account?

No problem! You would simply need to provide the API key for the account as well as the teams that correspond with each location. Blackbird would set up the integration to push orders to each team respectively.

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