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BlackbirdGo Marketplace

Our online marketplace now allows for more filtering, more product information, and new ways to explore the changing cannabis landscape.

AeroPay Partnership

AeroPay is a payments platform that enables businesses to accept bank-to-bank payments from customers both online and in-store. They provide an alternative to credit/debit cards for industries where traditional payment processing is unavailable - like cannabis!

The integration creates a seamless ordering and payment flow. A customer on BlackbirdGo can create an account with AeroPay at the time of checkout and pay for their online order - providing them with a better consumer experience.

Promote your business and connect with a broader audience through our featured placement advertising and branded content on the BlackbirdGo Marketplace. Strengthen your online presence with branded content and promote Search Engine Optimization (SEO), brand awareness, and online orders.

Draw attention to specific products whether they’re new to your shop, on special, or you want to highlight them for a vendor day promotion. Featured products give your customers easy access to the products you want them to take home!

White Label Menus

Control the look and branding on your BlackbirdGo menu before placing it on your website. Provide customers a menu experience that is more seamlessly integrated and feels like an extension of your own business.

Pick Up & Delivery Service Windows

Optimize your order processing workflows by allowing your customers to choose a time slot when placing an online order. Simply put, customers shopping online can choose the pickup or delivery time window for their order and you can prioritize and fill orders according to their windows.

Order Surcharges & Fees

Configure and charge additional fees depending on order type and processing method. Sometimes known as service fees or rates, these surcharges are customizable and allow you to pass on charges to consumers that you may otherwise have to cover the cost of.

Audible Order Alerts

Enable an audible alert to play each time a new order is received. Stay on top of fulfillment processes, creating a seamless experience for your customers.

Order Pick Lists

Eliminate issues with order fulfillment by printing pick lists! Pick lists include the customer's name, order type, and products ordered (including brand, batch number, and SKU) to streamline operations for your staff.

Texting for Brands

Give your customers more opportunities to subscribe to your marketing lists with in-store and online Check-Ins & Experiences.

Create segmented customer lists for your SMS & MMS marketing campaigns using any combination of conditions, send those lists messages that drive action by tailoring them to their interests.

Maximize ROI with actionable insights and analytics. Easily see deliverability reports, link click-through-rate, customer check-ins, and other essential analytics.

Custom Automated Notifications

Set them and forget them! With custom automated SMS notifications, you have more control over your customers' shopping experience, with the ability to edit most notifications. You can tailor the message body to ensure it is a consistent extension of your business.

Mobile Check-In

Allow customers to check-in and redeem rewards directly from their own mobile device. Create a quick & easy in-store or remote check-in experience. Minimize cross-contamination on your devices.

New & Improved Help Center

Visit our robust Help Center complete with articles, video tutorials, and best practice guides to ensure you are getting the most use out of the MyBlackbird software.

Quickly find answers to help with operational processes, discover features & functionality relevant to your business, and improve customer experience with easily accessible resources right from the app.

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