Below are some issues you may run into when setting up and managing your GreenBits integration. For each instance, the steps to rectify the issue are provided here!

Information has stopped syncing from the integration

There are many reasons why one or all of the integrations syncs would stop working. Often times this is the result of a change made to GreenBits data structure or the result of a data security precaution. The following steps can be taken to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure the integration configuration is Active. If this box is not marked, Blackbird will pause sharing data with GreenBits.

  2. Ensure the correct functionality is enabled. For example, if the product sync functionality is not enabled there will be no product updates through the integration. To confirm if a sync is enabled, navigate to the GreenBits Integration config and check the syncs at the bottom.

  3. Check the integration Activity Log. This can confirm that the syncs are not working and will provide further detail into the error or problem.

Location ID is not being provided by GreenBits

There are two options if GreenBits is unable to provide you with your Location ID when initially setting up the integration.

  1. If you cannot obtain the Location ID easily, you can adjust the permissions of the user for the integration to be specific to the integrated location in GreenBits. You can adjust this by navigating to Back Office in your GreenBits account, select Users and then select the icon to edit the user. At the bottom of the user information is a section for location permissions.

  2. If none of these are the problem, please reach out to Blackbird Support with your GreenBits username and password, as well as the name of the store location.

Inventory coming through the integration is incorrect

  • Inventory is coming through the integration that should not be.

  • Inventory that should come through the integration is not.

  1. Has it been 5 minutes since the inventory was added to GreenBits? The product sync runs every five minutes, so if this inventory was just created in GreenBits, it might take a few more minutes to see it come through to Blackbird.

  2. Check the integration activity log to ensure the product sync has been happening successfully. If there are errors in the activity log, this is likely the problem. Use the error explanations below to fix the issue.

  3. If none of these are the problem, please reach out to Blackbird Support with examples of the inventory in question, what room it is in and what you are expecting to see happening.

We are not receiving online order notifications

  1. Confirm you have added a valid email address to the order notification field in the integration configuration. If there is no email address, you can fix the issue by adding one!

  2. If none of these are the problem, please reach out to Blackbird Support with the email address that should be receiving notifications.

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