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Setup Guide

Required Info

Before setting up the integration in MyBlackbird, you will need to obtain your specific integration information, as well as the version of Adilas you are using. Each Adilas account has specific keys that allow third party software platforms to share and receive select information. The following keys are needed to securely integrate your Adilas account with Blackbird. All of the fields listed below will be provided to you by your Adilas account representative on request.

Configuration Fields



How to Find It

Base URL

This is the base URL that you use to log in to Adilas.

You should try the example URL if they are unsure.

Corporate Key ID

Key specific to your account.

  • Typically formatted like INY-0687.

You are provided this by Adilas when setting up your account. You use this key to access the website and training materials.

User ID

Typically a 5-6 digit number.

Adilas account representative can provide you this information.


Specific admin level login setup for the integration.

Created by you.


Password to accompany the username.

Created by you.

Store ID

This is a location specific ID. You may have more than one location in Adilas, it will be important to obtain the correct ID.

Adilas account representative can provide you this information.

Customer Tax Category ID

This is the tax category ID that you would like orders to be submitted with.

Adilas account representative can provide you this information.

Setup Steps

Once you have obtained all the required information from Adilas, setting up the integration is as simple as entering those fields into MyBlackbird. To begin, navigate to your Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Integration Hub Block.

Enter Authorization Info

Select Adilas and enter the required integration credentials.

Enable Functionality

Once the authorization information is entered, you will be prompted to choose the sync functionality you would like to have with the integration.

Product Sync - You should enable this if you plan to use the integration to facilitate an online menu. This sync will pull inventory from Adilas for all parent products that are in-stock. New and updated products will sync every 5 minutes .

Order Push - You may want to enable order push functionality to send new online orders directly to your Adilas account for fulfillment. This will remove the need to manually recreate customer profiles and orders in Adilas. Orders will be pushed directly to Adilas in real time as they are received.

Customer Push - You may want to enable this if you would like a customer profile automatically created in your POS after a customer has checked in using the Experiences App. This saves your staff time and eliminates any manual work needed to create a customer profile within your POS.

Customer Sync - You should enable this if you plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls customer information from Adilas into Blackbird and allows Blackbird to associate customer info with orders, when available. New and updated customer information is pulled into Blackbird every 3 hours.

Order Sync - You should enable this if you plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls in order information for completed orders in Adilas. When used with a loyalty program, orders will be used to award customers points for their purchase. Order syncs run every 3 hours.

Notification Email - Adding a notification email is optional for those using a menu. It is used to send email notifications of new orders received on a Blackbird menu. It is not necessary to use this if order push is enabled, but can be a nice additional feature to make sure staff is getting notified of new orders that need to be fulfilled.

Activate Integration

Once all info is added and the desired functionality is enabled, the last step is to set the integration to Active and save the configuration information. The integration can be deactivated at any time.

Monitoring Integration Activity

Monitoring the information shared between Adilas and Blackbird is easy! You can navigate to the Activity Log within your Integration Hub Block to see what information is being pulled from Adilas, how frequently new info comes in, and if there are any errors with the integration.

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