1. Part One: Consumer Experience on BlackbirdGo

  2. Part Two: Client Experience in MyBlackbird

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Processing an order that was paid through AeroPay is easy! For general inquiries regarding online order processing procedures, click here.

Part One: Consumer Experience on BlackbirdGo

When customers elect to pay online, they will be prompted to enter their AeroPay login credentials to check out. If it is the first time the consumer is using AeroPay, they will be prompted to create an account and link their bank.

Once the customer has selected a bank account and confirmed the total authorized amount, the order on BlackbirdGo will be created and a pending payment will be created in AeroPay. The order/payment info will now be available in MyBlackbird!

The customer will also receive a confirmation email detailing the pre-authorized amount once the transaction has been completed (see below).

Part Two: Client Experience in MyBlackbird

After an order is submitted on BlackbirdGo with an AeroPay payment, the order will be available for processing in their MyBlackbird account.

Processing Orders with an AeroPay Payment

All orders that have been prepaid using AeroPay will be denoted as such within the order itself.

Any adjustments to the order products or order total will update the AeroPay payment total, as long as the new total is less than the authorized payment amount.

For example, a customer may approve an AeroPay payment for the order total of $105. When you are fulfilling the order, you may add a discount for the consumer which would result in a price of $90. This is okay because the new order total is lower than the pre-authorized payment amount of $105. When you complete the order in MyBlackbird, the new order total will be sent to AeroPay and the payment will be processed (see below).

In some cases, you may need to make adjustments to the order that cause the order total to be higher than the pre-authorized AeroPay amount. This could happen if the customer adds items to the order after submitting it or there are product substitutions. In this event, you will need to cancel the original payment in the AeroPay portal and request the customer to submit a new order and payment. You will be prevented from processing orders in MyBlackbird where the order total is higher than the authorized payment amount (see below).

Please Note: If you don’t process orders in MyBlackbird, you will need to process all AeroPay payments in your AeroPay portal directly.

Canceling Orders with an AeroPay Payment

When deleting an order in MyBlackbird, the associated pending AeroPay payment will be canceled as well. This reduces the duplicate manual work that would need to be done in both systems!

However, you should be cautious of deleting orders in MyBlackbird if you are planning on processing the order in your point of sale.

Please Note: If the payment has been processed in AeroPay before the order is processed in MyBlackbird, you will be prevented from deleting the order in MyBlackbird.

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