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What is AeroPay?

AeroPay is a payments platform that enables businesses to accept bank-to-bank payments from customers both online and in-store. They provide an alternative to credit/debit cards for industries where traditional payment processing is unavailable - like cannabis!

Why use AeroPay?

Reduce liability by accepting cashless payments. Cash poses a challenge in the cannabis industry. Most operators have experienced difficulties collecting and securely managing cash. Cashless payments allow for secure transfers and reduce potential issues with keeping large amounts of cash.

Increase efficiencies in order fulfillment. Reduce the amount of manual work that needs to be done in two systems with a robust integration. When information is updated in Blackbird, it will be updated in AeroPay as well. Order fulfillment staff can focus on what matters, efficiency and customer satisfaction - not needless data entry!

Secure payment processing. Both you and your consumers can have peace of mind that payments and payment information is secure and safe.

Provide a better consumer experience. Online consumers are used to purchasing their items at the time of order. By providing an online payment method, Blackbird gets closer to a traditional e-commerce experience, thereby allowing a friction-less ordering experience.

Payment Platform Functionality

The integration creates a seamless ordering and payment flow.

A customer on BlackbirdGo can create an account with AeroPay at the time of checkout and pay for their online order. For repeat customers that already have an AeroPay account, the process is even quicker.

The authorized payment information will be available in MyBlackbird on the customer’s order for them to review and process. When the order is processed in MyBlackbird, the payment is processed in AeroPay. All payments made to you (both in-store and online) are accessible in the AeroPay payment portal, along with other accounting functionality you may need.

AeroPay Client Portal

If you would like to become a client of AeroPay and establish a partnership, please reach out to support@aeropay.com for assistance. You will be connected with a dedicated AeroPay Customer Success Representative who will verify that you are connected with a banking institution that has a legal cannabis banking program and get you started!

Once you have become an AeroPay client, you will be provided access to your AeroPay portal where all payments are housed. Pending Payments are separated from Processed Payments. AeroPay handles all of their own support for their platform directly. If you are having issues with the portal, it is recommended you reach out to your dedicated AeroPay Customer Success Representative or AeroPay support at support@aeropay.com.

Learn more about the AeroPay integration...

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