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  2. What Can Order Fees & Surcharges Be Used For?

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Order Fees & Surcharges

Order Fees & Surcharges allow you to configure and charge additional fees depending on order type and processing method. Sometimes known as service fees or rates, these surcharges are customizable and allow you to pass on charges to consumers that you may otherwise have to cover the cost of.

For example, you may want to add a 1% fee to all orders to cover the cost of a banking charge. With this feature, you will have the ability to have these fees apply automatically!

What Can Order Fees & Surcharges Be Used For?

Order surcharges can have many applications. They were built in a way to be extensible and easy to use. Below are some common use cases that surcharges can be used for.

  • Banking Charges. Some retailers have agreements with their bank provider that require them to pay a percentage of their sales as a banking fee.

  • Payment Processing Fees. Some retailers that allow non-cash payments want to pass on the fee they incur for using a payment system. A common example is ACH transfers, where there is often a $5 fee to facilitate the transaction.

  • Business Fees. In some states retailers may be charged business fees based on a percentage of sales. In this way retailers can pass that on to consumers if they do not have it built in to their product prices.

Benefits of Order Fees & Surcharges

  • Complete control. You are empowered to manage your own surcharges. You can activate and deactivate them at any time depending on their business needs.

  • Extremely extensible. Surcharges are powerful, but simple to use. They allow you to tailor fees according to your business requirements and make sure you are not losing money or eating unnecessary costs.

  • No hidden consumer fees. Surcharges are applied in the cart, meaning consumers have insight into the fees before placing their order. No fees have to be added after the order is placed, so there are less upset consumers and fewer canceled orders.

Configuring Order Fees & Surcharges

Order surcharges can be found in the same section that you configure your menu settings in. To configure your order fees & surcharges, simply navigate to the Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Online Menu Block.

Next, find the Surcharge Settings section and complete the new surcharge form as necessary.

Name - You can name your surcharge however you would like to. This name will be displayed to consumers on the BlackbirdGo online menu, so it’s recommended that you create a short, clear title for the charge. For example, Service Fee is clear and common to consumers, but something like BLKBRD business 3% fee is not recommended.

Rate - The rate field should be used to determine how much the surcharge will charge. This is either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the order. For example, if the Service Fee is 3%, then you should enter 3 in this field.

Please Note: Surcharges can be either a flat fee or a percentage based fee. You will be prompted to select one of these options for every surcharge you create. Flat fees will add the designated amount to every order. Percentage-based fees will calculate based on the specified percentage of the order subtotal and be added to the order. This means that surcharges are not calculated on taxes. However, surcharges will apply to the subtotal after discounts and rewards. Using the 3% Service Fee example, we can take an order with a $100 subtotal and see that the surcharge added to the order would be $3.00.

Apply On - Here, you can choose whether your surcharge will apply to all online orders, or just orders that include an online payment.

Please Note: If you set the surcharge to apply to Online Payments, it will apply when the consumer selects to pay for the order through AeroPay. If additional payment processing platforms are added to BlackbirdGo, those would incur Online Payment surcharges as well. If you set the surcharge to apply to All Orders, the fee will be added to all orders regardless of order type (pickup or delivery) and payment type (in-store cash payments or cashless payments).

After creating new surcharges or editing existing ones, you should be sure to set the surcharge to Active and Save the menu settings to ensure changes are saved and new surcharges are applied! Any additional fees added to an order will appear to the consumer in their BlackbirdGo cart.

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