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Below are some situations that you or your consumer may run into when setting up and using your AeroPay integration, as well as how to resolve them. These situations are focused on your interaction with MyBlackbird, as AeroPay handles support and customer service for their own platform.

Client FAQs & Troubleshooting

Payments are not being submitted to my AeroPay account.

Confirm that staging mode is off in the integration configuration. If it is on, real payments will not be submitted. Check the integration Activity Log. Any errors submitting payments will be visible. If there is no resolution, contact your dedicated AeroPay Customer Success Representative or their support team at support@aeropay.com.

Can I update the pre-authorized amount to a higher total?

No, you cannot adjust the amount pre-authorized by the consumer to a higher total. If a consumer's final order total ends up being higher than was originally pre-authorized, we suggest two different options:

1) Cancel/delete the order and contact the consumer notifying them that you are not able to process their order due to the pre-authorized amount not covering the new, higher total. Request that they place a new order with all items in their cart to pre-authorize the correct total.

2) If the consumer placed a pick up order, contact the consumer advising them of the discrepancy. Process the original order as normal (the order totaling the pre-authorized amount) and create a separate order for them accounting for the additional items added to their order. Request that they pay for the second order upon pick up.

Does AeroPay verify if a consumer has enough available funds in their bank account?

Yes! AeroPay does a check on the available funds on the bank account used for the payment when the order is submitted. This means that if there are insufficient funds in the consumer's account to cover the transaction, an error message will appear. Orders will not be processed in MyBlackbird, until the payment can be successfully submitted.

When are payments processed and transferred into my bank account? In other words, when does the ACH bank transfer go through?

Payments are processed each day at 3pm MT.

Can I process a refund on an order paid through AeroPay?

Yes! However, because this transaction will be considered a voided transaction, all items on the order must be refunded in MyBlackbird. Partial refunds are not accommodated at this time. Order can only be refunded within 24 hours of being processed.

For any additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated AeroPay Customer Success Representative or their support team at support@aeropay.com.

Consumer FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I create an account?

You can do so here.

I didn’t receive my passcode via text. What should I do?

Resend the code. If you still don’t receive it, please contact support@aeropay.com.

My bank is not listed on AeroPay. What should I do?

Use the search bar or try variations of your bank’s name. If you do not see it, please contact support@aeropay.com.

No, AeroPay connects directly to your bank.

What will a payment look like in my bank account?

Any payment made with AeroPay will appear as ‘AeroPay’ in your bank statement.

For any additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated AeroPay Customer Success representative or their support team at support@aeropay.com on behalf of your consumers.

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