1. Accessing the Activity Log

  2. Reviewing the Activity Log

Users managing integrations will have insight into the data being shared between Blackbird and the connected integration.

Accessing the Activity Log

Start by navigating to the Settings & Configurations Block, and then choose the Integration Hub Block. Next, select Manage on a connected integration, which will take you to the integration Activity Log.

Reviewing the Activity Log

From here, you will see a list of all activity for the integration, including what action was taken (pulling information from the connected integration or pushing information from Blackbird) and what type of information was shared.

Filter - Depending on the selection made, you will see all of the integration activity associated with a success status or error status.

Type - The action taken by the integration. This includes order, customer, and/or product. More information regarding integration types can be found here.

Status - The status of the integration activity. Success means that the action was completed successfully, whereas error means that the action was not completely successfully for a variety of reasons.

Message - Error messages are reported by each individual platform that the integration is connected to, and not reported by Blackbird. Please feel free to reach out to Blackbird Support for assistance in determining what the error could mean depending on the platform. However, we also suggest reaching out to your point-of-contact at the third-party-platform for insight into what the error message reported may mean.

Created At - When the integration activity was logged in Blackbird.

For more information on resolving any integration activity errors, please refer to the Integration Troubleshooting section and select the specific integration you are investigating.

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