1. AeroPay Integration Set Up

  2. Monitoring Integration Activity

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AeroPay Integration Setup

To begin setting up your AeroPay integration, simply navigate to the Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Integration Hub Block. Next, select Payments from the menu on the left side of your screen and then choose AeroPay.

Required Information

Before setting up the integration in MyBlackbird, you will need to obtain your specific integration information. The following keys are needed to securely integrate your AeroPay account with Blackbird. Some of the fields below are provided by AeroPay, and some you can enable on your own!

Monitoring Integration Activity

The AeroPay integration will be accompanied by an Activity Log, where you can see the information that is being shared between MyBlackbird and AeroPay. In this way, you can monitor your own integration activity and perform basic troubleshooting measures.

Learn more about the AeroPay integration...

Intro to AeroPay

AeroPay Order Processing

AeroPay FAQs & Troubleshooting

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