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Setup Guide

Required Info

Before setting up the integration in MyBlackbird, you will need to obtain your specific integration information. GreenBits allows integrations using the same secure login credentials clients would use to access the POS, a username and password.

Configuration Fields



How to Find It


You should create a new user in your Greenbits account. The username given will be used for the integration. Please note that this is not the email address associated with the user!

The user must have admin level credentials to ensure the integration has the access to pull the correct information. For details on the specific permissions needed, please see the table below this one.

You can create the user in Greenbits.


You will create a password for the username. This password will be used to securely access select info through the integration.

Note: Usernames and passwords will only be used through the integration.

You will create the password directly in your GreenBits account.

Location ID

If you use GreenBits as a POS in multiple stores, you may want to use the Location ID field to ensure information is only being pulled from the correct store’s account.

This is typically a long number that will be specific to each location.

Note: If the username is setup with access to only a single location, it is not necessary to enter Location ID.

You may need to reach out to their GreenBits representative to obtain this information.

User Roles and Permissions in GreenBits

Because user roles are created by you in GreenBits, there is not a standard role that is required for the integration. Permissions are granted for each role and are maintained by your top level staff. In this way, you should create or select a role that has the following permissions for use with the integration:

Permission Required

Advanced Permission
*Some functionality may only require only select advanced permissions

Integration Feature
*This is the integration functionality the permission will be used for

Analyze Sales

  • All

  • Loyalty

Manage Inventory

  • View Packages

  • View Product Types

  • View Brands

  • View Strains

  • Online Menu

Manage Pricing Tiers

  • View Price Tiers

  • Online Menu

Manage Taxes

  • View Tax Items

  • Online Menu

Manage Customers

  • View Customers

  • Loyalty

Manage Patients

  • View Patients

  • Loyalty

Please Note: The above permissions are the minimum requirements for the integration, but any additional permissions will not negatively affect the integration! If the client has an existing user role that includes the permissions above, there is no need to create a brand new user role.

Setup Steps

Once you have obtained all the required information from GreenBits, setting up the integration is as simple as entering those fields into MyBlackbird. Navigate to your Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Integrations Hub Block.

Enter Authorization Info

Select GreenBits from the Point of Sale drop-down and enter the username and password created for the integration.


Once the authorization information is entered, you will be prompted to choose the sync functionality you would like to have with the integration.

Product Sync

You should enable this if you plan to use the integration to facilitate an online menu. This sync will pull inventory from GreenBits. New and updated products will sync every 5 minutes.

Customer Sync

You should enable this if you plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls customer information from GreenBits into Blackbird and allows Blackbird to associate customer info with orders, when available. New and updated customer information is pulled into Blackbird every 3 hours.

Order Sync

You should enable this if they plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls in order information for completed orders in GreenBits. When used with a loyalty program, orders will be used to award customers points for their purchase. Order syncs run every 3 hours.

Notification Email

Adding a notification email will be important for all those using a menu. Because the GreenBits integration does not support pushing online orders to GreenBits, this email address will used to alert our staff that there are new online orders to fill. Without it, you may not be notified of new orders.

Activate Integration

Once all info is added and the desired functionality is enabled, the last step is to set the integration Active and save the configuration information. The integration can be deactivated at any time.

Monitoring Integration Activity

Monitoring the information shared between GreenBits and Blackbird is easy! Users can navigate to the Activity Log within their Integration Hub to see what information is being pulled from GreenBits, how frequently new info comes in and if there are any errors with the integration.

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