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Set Up Guide

Required Info

Before setting up the integration in MyBlackbird, you will need to obtain your specific integration information. Each Flowhub user has specific keys that allow third party software platforms to share and receive select information. The following keys are needed to securely integrate your Flowhub account with Blackbird. All of the fields listed below will be provided to you by your Flowhub account representative on request. You may be asked to sign an authorization form explicitly giving Blackbird permission to integrate. The form can be found here.

Configuration Fields



How to Find It

Client ID

Short 3-4 digit number that is unique to your Flowhub account. This will be the same for all of the client’s stores.

Provided by a Flowhub Account Rep

Token of API Key

The token is sometimes referred to as the API Key - they are the same thing. It is typically a long string of numbers and letters. This will be the same for all of your stores.

Provided by a Flowhub Account Rep

Location ID - V0

This is a short number specific to the location of the dispensary. If you use Flowhub for multiple stores, the API key and Client ID will be the same, but the location IDs for each store will be different.

This field is required for everyone, regardless of what version of the API their account uses.

Provided by a Flowhub Account Rep (typically they will only provide it if the client asks for it specifically).

Location ID - V1

This field is only required if the Flowhub account is using the V1 API - a Flowhub account rep will easily be able to tell you what version you are on.

If you are using the V1 API, this field will be required. It is a longer number than the Location ID - V0. Almost all everyone will need this parameter!

A Flowhub Account Rep can confirm for you which version of the API you are using and provide this field if necessary.

Room IDs

This parameter can be used for an online menu.

The Room IDs allow you to specify which inventory room(s) to pull from. This is useful you only want to sell items online from a certain room, for example the Sales Room and not Back of House.

This is optional though, and if left blank inventory will be pulled from all rooms enabled for sale.

The IDs will be a numerical value, not the name of the Room.

A Flowhub account rep can help you obtain the numerical value for the Inventory Rooms they would like to use.

Bulk Flower Products

This option allows you to specify in the integration if you are using bulk or tiered flower in Flowhub. When selected, the bulk flower products will be mapped to their weight variation prices for sale online.

When this option is not utilized, all inventory will be pulled in to Blackbird with the price and stock quantity on the inventory.

You will determine if this is needed.

Functionality Explained

  • Product Sync: You should enable this if they plan to use the integration to facilitate an online menu. This sync will pull inventory from Flowhub rooms that are available for sale. New and updated products will sync every 5 minutes .

  • Tiered Product: Enabling this functionality will pull bulk flower inventory in and normalize it for sale online. For example, if there are 100g of bulk flower, the integration will assign the weight/price of the associated price tiers to it so it can be sold in the specified weight variations online. This will only apply for flower products.

  • Customer Sync: You should enable this if they plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls customer information from Flowhub into Blackbird and allows Blackbird to associate customer info with orders, when available. New and updated customer information is pulled into Blackbird every 3 hours.

  • Order Sync: You should enable this if they plan to use a loyalty program where customers earn points for completed orders. This sync pulls in order information for completed orders in Flowhub. When used with a loyalty program, orders will be used to award customers points for their purchase. Order syncs run every 3 hours.

  • Notification Email: Adding a notification email will be important for those using a menu. Because the Flowhub integration does not support pushing online orders to Flowhub, this email address will be used to alert the client that there are new online orders to fill. Without it, you may not be notified of new orders.

Monitoring Integration Activity

Monitoring the information shared between Flowhub and Blackbird is easy! Users can navigate to the Activity Log within their Integration Hub to see what information is being pulled from Flowhub, how frequently new info comes in, and if there are any errors with the integration.

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