Blackbird integrates with a variety of software platforms to allow you to easily share information across their technology platforms. Utilizing integrations not only enhances Blackbird’s key features, but also enables you to streamline your workflows and increase operational efficiencies. This provides flexibility and offers you total control of your integrated applications in one place. In this way, you can create and manage as many integrations as needed to increase efficiencies across your business.

To find the Integration Hub, navigate to the Settings & Configurations Block and then choose the Integration Hub Block.

Key Features

Enhance insights across business tools. In this industry, businesses need to utilize several tools to implement their strategy. This can make it difficult to get a clear idea of how all of the individual tools are contributing to the overall success of the business. Connecting applications is a great way to gain insights across many tools and platforms in one place.

Increase productivity. Having to manually duplicate data across different applications is time consuming and costly. There is no need to use employees' valuable time recreating data across systems when the same work can be automated. This allows more work to be done in the same time and lets staff focus on more important work.

Strengthen data reliability. Manual entry of data across platforms inevitably leads to errors and inconsistencies. Integrating platforms provides a safe and secure way to accurately share data crucial to successful business operations.

Feel empowered. With the Integration Hub, you will have full control over your connected applications. From selecting and setting up the desired integrations to monitoring activity and shared data, you will have the tools and insights needed to effectively implement your strategy.

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