1. Set Up In-Store Check-In

  2. Using In-Store Check-in

In-store check-in allows your customers to check-in to your store, redeem rewards, and subscribe to Connect directly from an electronic device, such as a tablet, iPad, or desktop.

Set Up In-Store Check-In

Launch the Experiences App

To setup in-store check-in, launch the Experiences App on the device you wish for customers to check-in on. Once you’ve logged in and selected your location, you will see the option for Check-In Experience Configuration:

To enable in-store check-in, make sure the Mobile Phone Check-in is toggled off. Once disabled, your device will be configured to only allow for in-store check-in directly from the device itself.

Using In-Store Check-in

If a customer enters your location and would like to check-in on your in-store device, the flow is as simple as entering in your phone number directly on the screen.

Upon texting, the customer will receive a confirmation text in response that contains a link that will take them to the loyalty flow, or a flow to input their information and complete their first check-in if they are a first time customer.

Please Note: The check-in happens as soon as the text is received by MyBlackbird. Customers do not need to click the link to complete their check-in, it is only there for those who would like to view/redeem their rewards or fill out profile information.

New Customer Experience Flow

Loyalty Reward Flow

Learn More About Check-in and the Experiences App...

Experiences Dashboard

Launch the Experiences App

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