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Mobile check-in is a quick and easy way for customers to check in, redeem rewards, and subscribe to Connect without actually needing to interact with a tablet or iPad in-store. With mobile check-in, you will be able to display a QR-code that customers scan with their mobile device.

Set Up Mobile Check-In

Enabling mobile check-in begins with your Experience Station configurations. Navigate to the Customer Center block, then the Experiences Block. From here, select the Stations tab. Create a station specifically for mobile checkin or, update a current Experience Station with the QR-Code settings you prefer.

Show Loyalty Redemption Page- Display loyalty point balance and allow shoppers to redeem rewards while checking in.

Change QR-Code- Configure whether or not the QR-Code will change. You can set your code to ​never change​ or have your code change in 1-24 hour increments.

Change QR-Code Every- If the QR-Code is configured to change, configure how often.

Don't forget to hit Save!

Launch Mobile Check-In on the Experiences App

Once your Experience Station is configured, launch the Experiences App directly from MyBlackbird or navigate to the url: checkin.myblackbird.com/activate and input the activation code for the Experience Station you are launching.

After launching the Experiences App, you will be prompted to select the Station Type.

After selecting a Check-in as the Station Type, select Launch QR-Code!

Using Mobile Check-in

If a customer enters your location and would like to check in on their mobile device, the flow is as simple as scanning the displayed QR-code.

Upon scanning, the customer's device will open the Experiences App on their browser.

From here, the customer will input their phone number

New Customer Experience Flow

Customers checking in for the first time will complete the new customer experience flow followed by the loyalty reward flow (if enabled).

Loyalty Reward Flow

If enabled, new and returning customers will complete the loyalty reward flow. Here they can check their loyalty point balance, confirm their current tier and redeem rewards.

Please Note: The check-in happens as soon as the customer receives the Thanks for checking in! message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent customers from repeatedly checking-in and getting unlimited points?

You can prevent this by ensuring that you have configured a buffer on check-in related point rewards in your loyalty program settings. This needs to be configured directly within your Loyalty Point Trigger for Check-in at the Organization Level.

For more information on setting a buffer between check-in times, click here!

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