To adjust the order to a lower total on your end, see below:

  1. With the order open on your screen, select Add Discount field

  2. Search for the ADJUSTORDER Discount and select it

  3. Enter in the desired order total

  4. Add the discount to the order

  5. Confirm the new order total

  6. Ready the order!

Example: If the order total in MyBlackbird is $100, but the order total in your POS is $50, add the Adjust Order Discount to change its subtotal to $50. Now, the new order total will be $50!

Please note: When you mark an order 'Ready,' it automatically sends a text message to that customer letting them know their order total. We want to make sure your customers are receiving the correct order totals in their texts so that they can prepare payment without any issues, so it is important that any pricing adjustments are made prior to the order being marked 'Ready.'

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