To begin creating service windows for your online menu, first navigate to your Settings & Configurations and select the Online Menu Block.

Create Service Windows for Pick Up and/or Delivery

Windows can be created for pick up orders, delivery orders, or both.

Clients utilizing Blackbird’s retail delivery services will not be able to configure their own delivery windows, as these are set up by Blackbird.

To start creating service windows, simply navigate to the pick up or delivery settings section, and locate the calendar. The calendar will show the menu hours to help guide you when creating service windows. Clicking or dragging and dropping on the calendar will create a service window.

Window Start & End

Here, you can adjust the start and end time for the service window. This is the time frame your customers will choose from in the shopping cart upon checkout. For example, if the start time is 10:00 AM and the end time is 11:00 AM, the customer will see the option to choose a service window for 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM pick up or delivery time.

Window Repeat

Do you want this service window to be a recurring time on a daily or weekly basis? Window Repeat allows you to set up repeating daily or weekly windows, reducing the amount of time required for initial setup.

Starts Accepting Orders

This setting allows you to customize when a service window will become available on your menu for customers to select. You may want service windows to only be available on the same day that orders will be fulfilled, or you may want your service windows to be available for online a full day in advance (or more).

In the example above, the window would become available online for customers to select on Monday, 8/24/2020 at 10AM. This would be 24 hours in ahead of the window time.

Stop Accepting Orders

This setting allows you to stop accepting orders for a specific service window, allowing you and your staff ample time to fulfill orders before they are to be picked up or delivered.

For example, if you only need one hour to fulfill all orders in a window before customers start picking up their orders, this field would be set for one hour before the start time of the window. If you need four hours for fulfillment of delivery orders, you can set this field to four hours before the delivery window begins.

In the example above, the window would no longer be available on the menu on Tuesday 8/25/20 at 9AM. This is one hour ahead of the window, which means the dispensary staff would have one hour of fulfillment time to ensure all orders for the window are processed and filled.

Order Limit

Setting an order limit will determine the maximum number of orders that a window will accept.

For example, if the order limit is set to 150, only 150 orders will allowed to be placed with this window time. Once 150 orders is reached, the window will become unavailable for customers to select on BlackbirdGo. Order limit is not required, and when left blank any number of orders will be allowed in the window.

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