1. POS Integration

  2. Untracked Inventory

Product pricing for your BlackbirdGo menu is pulled either directly from your third-party POS if an integration is set up, or from your MyBlackbird account. If a product’s price needs to be updated, the changes will need to be completed either in your POS or your MyBlackbird account.

POS Integration

If you are using a third-party POS and have an integration set up to supplement your online menu, the prices listed are derived directly from what is listed in your POS.

If a product’s price was recently updated within your POS, the updated price will come through the integration feed during the next integration sync. Once the updated price comes through the feed, it will automatically appear on the online menu shortly.

Untracked Inventory

If you are using MyBlackbird to create untracked products & inventory, your online menu pulls its information directly from MyBlackbird! If a product’s price needs to be updated, you’ll need to update the price in MyBlackbird first.

Start by selecting the Product Management block, and then choose the Manage Inventory block. Locate the batch of inventory that needs to be updated and select View to open the inventory form.

From here, update the Sales Price accordingly and click Save!

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