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Support/Unsupported Browsers

For a list of supported and unsupported browsers and operating systems, check out our article here!


As a web-based platform, we're heavily dependent on browser maintenance. Because the platform is web-based, most issues that arise are related to the browser's settings with regard to cache & history. Non web-based platforms typically use an internal server; however, those commonly run the risk of intermittent server outages, which is why we're web-based.

We have a couple of recommendations to assist you with loading the Experiences App:

1. Clearing Cache/Browser History-Close any tabs/windows that have Blackbird up

-Ctrl + H to bring up your browser history

-Clear all time browsing data, including cookies and cache

-Close browser and restart PC

2. Clear Host Cache - Open the Google Chrome browser

- In the address bar, type chrome://net-internals/#dns

- Clear your host cache

- Close browser and reopen

3. Flush your DNS Host Cache


4. Check your internet speed


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Recommended Browsers & Devices for the Experiences App

The Experiences App

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