1. Incomplete Phone Number

  2. View is Zoomed In

  3. Portrait/Landscape

There are a couple of reasons why a customer may not see the Submit button when inputting their phone number within the Experiences App.

Incomplete Phone Number

Customers will not see the submit button until they’ve completely inputted their phone number.

View is Zoomed In

The screen on your iPad or tablet may also be zoomed in. This will hide the Submit button from customers. Most tablets have a pinch zoom in and zoom out feature.

To zoom out: With two fingers spread apart and pressed on the screen, move the fingers toward each other while keeping each pressed to the screen.

If you're unable to zoom in/out, check the settings on your device to ensure the zoom functionality is enabled.


The Submit button will not be visible if the iPad or tablet is in a Landscape or horizontal orientation. Simply rotate your iPad or tablet to a Portrait or vertical orientation to see the Submit button.



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