1. Denying a Reward Redemption

  2. Adjusting a Customer's Point Balance

A customer can potentially reach a negative point balance if they’ve redeemed a reward several times. In our example below, the customer has 485 points available and they redeemed a 100 point reward five times. If all five redemption attempts are completed, the customer would have a negative 15 point balance.

To remedy this, you have a couple of options.

Denying a Reward Redemption

If the customer’s Reward has not been Redeemed, it can be denied through the Loyalty Block.

To do so:

Customer Center Block > Loyalty Block > Redemption Tab

Here, you can select Deny for the additional Rewards the customer Redeemed. Denying these additional rewards will ensure the correct amount of points are deducted from the customer's profile.

Adjusting a Customer's Point Balance

You can also manually update the customer’s loyalty point balance.

To do so:

Customer Center Block > Customers Block > Search Customer > Select Details > Select the Loyalty Activity tab > Select Adjust Points > Complete the Manual Point Adjustment screen

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