1. What does this error message mean?

  2. How do we process the order?

What does this error message mean?

The error message "Product cannot be sold because it is no longer active" will appear after selecting 'Complete Order' on an order if the inventory of a product added to the order has an inventory status of Inactive.

How do we process the order?

In order to process the order, the inventory status will either need to be changed to 'Active,' or the product will need to be removed from the order altogether.

For POS Integration Clients

To set the inventory's status back to 'Active,' first ensure that the product is set to 'Active' and 'Available Online' within your own POS to allow it to come through the integration feed.

Note: This is dependent on your POS software, as some POS platforms do not have an 'Available Online' button. These platforms will typically have all active inventory come through the feed.

Once the product is coming through the integration feed as 'Active,' you will be able to hit 'Complete Order' and close out the order.

For POS and Untracked Inventory Clients

If you are using MyBlackbird as your POS or if you use MyBlackbird for untracked inventory (i.e. without an integration with your separate POS), simply change the inventory's status in MyBlackbird from 'Inactive' to 'Active.'

For more on changing inventory statuses, click here.

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