1. What is Manual Redemption?

  2. What is Auto Redemption?

What is Manual Redemption?

Manual redemption of loyalty rewards means that the reward redeemed by a customer will need to be either accepted or denied by a staff member before the reward can be applied to the customer's cart and points deducted from their loyalty point balance.

If the reward redeemed by the customer is not accepted or denied, then the redemption will never be reflected in their loyalty activity, and therefore, updated in their available balance. To learn how to accept or deny reward redemptions, check out this article.

If you do not have auto redemption enabled, then you are defaulted to manual redemption instead. Find out more about auto redemption, below!

What is Auto Redemption?

Auto redemption of loyalty rewards means that the reward redeemed by a customer does not need to be approved by your staff. The customer will receive a text and or email message confirming their reward redemption to show your staff, and the points used to redeem the reward will be automatically deducted from their loyalty point balance.

How do I enable auto redemption?

To enable auto redemption for your business, start by logging into your Organization view. From here, select the Customer Center Block and choose the Loyalty Block.

In addition to some general loyalty program settings, you will see the option to choose to enable automatic reward redemption. Once checked, make sure you save the changes!

Please Note: If you have auto-redemption enabled, there will be no pending rewards displayed on a customer's order. This is because the rewards are automatically redeemed, rather than in a pending state.

Therefore, this is not an option we suggest for those using MyBlackbird Sales Block to review/fulfill online orders. Rather, it is ideal for those using the MyBlackbird Customer Center only.

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