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Viewing your sent Connect campaigns will also give you insights into message deliverability. 

Connect Deliverability

Message deliverability is dependent on a number of different factors, including message content, mobile carriers, insufficient cell signals, and an individual device's ability to receive MMS messages.

To view a specific campaign's deliverability, you can do so by navigating to the Customer Center Block and then choosing the Connect Block. From the Campaigns tab, search for the appropriate campaign and select the Eye icon to view the campaign details. Here, you will be presented with a delivery statistics, and engagement metrics.

Delivery Statistics

Total Segments - Number of segments used for the campaign.

Queued - Number of segments still in the queue with sending pending.

Ignored - Message was not sent because of an inactive or unpaid messaging subscription.

Failed - Message has failed to send due to invalid phone number.

Unreachable - Number of messages unsuccessfully delivered due to mobile carrier, insufficient cell signal, and/or an individual device's ability to receive MMS messages. Click here to learn more.

Undelivered - Carrier attempted to send the message but it was not delivered to the customer.

Delivery (Unconfirmed) - The carrier believes that the message has been received but doesn't have final confirmation.

Delivery (Confirmed) - The carrier has confirmed that the message was successfully received by the customer.

Carrier Breakdowns - The deliverability success of messages to specific cell phone carriers. For more information on carrier-blocking, please click here.

Customers Reached - The deliverability success of messages to specific customers.

Engagement Metrics 

Clicks - Number of clicks on email campaign short links.

Checkins - Number of in-store checkins within 48 hours after the campaign was sent. 

CIR - Percentage of number of subscribers message was sent to compared to number of checkins within 48 hours after the message sent. 

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