1. What is a pick list?

  2. What can a pick list be used for?

  3. How do I print a pick list?

What is a pick list?

A pick list is a list printed from your receipt printer that details the following:

  • Customer attached to order

  • Order type 

  • Products ordered (including brand, batch number, and SKU) 

What can a pick list be used for?

A Pick List can be used for the following: 

Online Order Fulfillment

When a new online order is received, you can open the pending order from the Blackbird platform and print the order pick list. After you've printed the pick list, you can use the pick list to help you pick & pack the products ordered by the customer. The pick list can then be attached to the order to clearly identify which customer the order belongs to, as well as the contents within the order. 

Express In Store Orders 

If you are offering express in store orders, you can use a pick list to both fulfill the order and/or provide a transactional receipt to the customer for when their order is ready for pick up. After you've printed the pick list, you can use the pick list to help you pick & pack the products ordered by the customer. After the order has been created in the system, the pick list can also be given to the customer to redeem their order once it's ready. 

How do I print a pick list?

To print a pick list, you must first download QZ Tray for your operating system. Next, select the printer icon on your dashboard to connect your printer and QZ Tray app to MyBlackbird. Here, you can also enable auto printing of pick lists, if you wish.

Once a customer and product has been added to an order, you will be given the option to print the pick list directly from the order itself. 

Example of the Print Pick List option on an order 

Once you have printed the pick list, you will see the customer name, order type, order number, order date/time, items in order, and order total.

Troubleshooting Pick List Printing

  1. Check that all cables are plugged in tight! Make sure the printer is plugged in, both the power cable and the printer cable to the computer. It gets crazy in the store, and if any of the cables are slightly disconnected while moving it, or swapping paper rolls, the printer can lose its connection with the computer.

  2. Make sure you have paper, and it's not upside down. Receipt printers need the paper to feed a specific way, or the thermal printer will not imprint. Make sure the paper is feeding from under the roll. See image below*

3. QZ Tray not connected. QZ Tray is an app we use to trigger your printer to automatically print at the completion of a sale. It looks like this and should always appear this way in the corner of your screen.

The simplest thing to do, is click the green printer icon, and click "exit". The green icon should disappear, and then automatically come back red, and then green again. After this process completes, simply refresh the page.

4. Make sure the printer isn't paused! Some requests can cause the printer to pause. This can happen for a number of reasons, but can be easily fixed by simply un-pausing the printer.

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