Blackbird provides all photos and descriptions for products listed and sold across all menus, but that does not mean you don’t have significant control over your menu, the items displayed on it, and how you use your menu to drive sales.

Blackbird Library Products

Blackbird is the only marketplace that normalizes and maintains the integrity of cannabis product data across individual locations and entire markets.

Our library of products are informed by the ones who made them - Brands & Vendors. Blackbird's library products display the images, product descriptions, and effects exactly how the Brands prefer them.

Blackbird Library Product images and descriptions will always show on the BlackbirdGo marketplace, however, you are able to control the representation of these same products on your own menu embeds. Read below for more info!

Location Products

In cases where you would like to control how products are displayed on your store's menu embed, you now have the option! By denoting This Location on a specific product, the information you add to the product is what will display on your menu embed. This includes changes to the product name, description, and image.

However, please note that by selecting this option, this means that the Blackbird Library Product will not display on your menu embed. Rather, you will have control of all of that yourself!

Updating a Product to Show Your Version

First, start by navigating to the Product Management Block and search for the product you would like to update. Once found, select the product to being edited.

Choose the Pencil icon to update the product name, description, and upload one of your own images! Next, make sure to uncheck Use Blackbird's Product Library to ensure that your version of the product shows on your menu embed (rather than the Blackbird Library Product version).

Blackbird Library vs. Your Location Product Filtering

To see which products are currently checked to Use Blackbird's Product Library, as well as all the products currently check to default to Your Location's Product, we have a filter for that!

On your Product Management Dashboard, you will see the filter for Online Display Version. This will allow you to filter to only display products that are defaulted to use Blackbird's Product Library vs. Your Location's. This is helpful in cases where you are looking to see which product(s) you want to continue editing to display your version, or the products that are still displaying Blackbird's version.

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