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Drive sales by becoming one our Featured Brands! Gain immediate exposure on BlackbirdGo, as consumers can browse the listings page to find out what Brands and Products are available for purchase near them.


Drive sales by adding a powerful e-commerce platform to your existing brick and mortar business.

As a retailer, you can: 

  • Control how your menu and dispensary information is displayed

  • Enable and disable online ordering options, including pick up and delivery 

  • Create promotional messages regarding specials, sales, updates, etc. 

  • Offer rewards to your most loyal customers 

  • Create promos and discounts for specific brands, products, customers, or total orders 

  • Select specific products to be featured on your menu 

  • Link to specific products, or a preset filtered page on your menu, through your Connect campaigns


BlackbirdGo provides an easily accessible consumer marketplace for customers to order speedy delivery or in-store pickup.

As a consumer, you can: 

  • Browse the menus of your favorite retailers

  • Sort + filter products based on your preferences 

  • View your past order history 

  • View your loyalty point balances + any available rewards at a specific dispensary

  • Apply promos and discounts to your cart 

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