Loyalty programs are managed by the retailers themselves, offering customers incentives for continued loyalty. To see if a retailer has a Blackbird loyalty program, simply check for the trophy icon on the menu card. You can also access this by clicking the Rewards tab on the retailer's menu. 



By opening the Rewards tab, you can access and redeem all of the rewards currently available online for that retailer. Here, you will be able to view your lifetime points, available points, and points spent, too! Lastly, you can also view which loyalty tier you belong to in the retailer's loyalty program, if that retailer has tiers set up.


When a reward is redeemed, it will automatically apply to the relevant items in the cart. Once you submit your cart online, the point amount of your selected reward will be immediately deducted from your loyalty point balance and those rewards will be redeemed.

Upon receiving your order, the retailer will be able to apply any relevant reward redemptions to the order prior to final processing.

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