To access your Balance Safes Block, you must first navigate to your Accounting Block. Here, you will be able to manually edit the balances displayed for each safe  to reflect the amounts physically located in the safes themselves. 

To begin editing the cash amount of a safe, simply click on the pencil button to the right of the safe whose amount you want to change. This will bring up a window where you can type in the safe's new cash amount.

In this example, I have paid a wholesale vendor $10,000 out of the Big Safe. To update this change in MyBlackbird, I clicked the pencil button and updated the balance to $67,359.86 in as the new amount, then I clicked the Save New Balance button. 

Manually adjusting safe balances is easy! Leave a note to remind yourself of why you changed it for future reference.

Once the new amount has been saved, it should immediately update on your screen. Looking at our example for the Big Safe, we can see that the new balance is now listed as $67,359.86. Success!

Big Safe now shows a balance of $67,359.86 nice!

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