At the end of each day, you should request that your staff count the dollar amount they processed in both cash and debit/card card transactions within their designated Station. Once counted, this amount should be compared against what the MyBlackbird POS advises. To do so, they must following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Block and then select the Order History Block.

  2. Select themselves as the User and select their designated station in the Stations drop-down. It is best practice for a teller to remain on one station throughout their shift, rather than processing multiple transactions on different stations. 

  3. Select the date which they are trying to close out. 

See an example below: 

Once the filters have been set, your Orders Snapshot will update accordingly. 

The totals counted by your staff should match what is displayed in the Quick Look modal, accessible from your Accounting Block. Once you've confirmed that you are ready to now transfer the total amount to a safe, navigate to your Transfer Funds block and read below!

Transferring Sales Station Funds to Safes

Transferring funds within MyBlackbird is super easy! Simply click on the Transfer Funds block and a window will appear that allows you to denote where funds should come from, where they should be transferred to, and how much money you’re transferring. As with all cash movement, make sure to physically move the cash you are transferring between the physical storage locations either before or immediately after doing so within MyBlackbird, this will  ensure that your accounting information is always up to date.

Once the transfer window is open, we just need to select which cash storage units are involved. In this example we’re going to move some excess cash ($200.00) from our Manager Register to our overflow safe, so those are the units we’ll select from our drop-downs.

Once our cash locations are selected, we simply enter the amount we want to transfer (in our case $200.00) and hit the Transfer button. From there our totals will update immediately and we’ll be able to see these new balances in our quick view on the right side of our Accounting dashboard.

Our cash amounts now reflects the $200.00 transfer we made between our Manager Register and our Overflow safe.

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