To access the customers at your dispensary, you must first navigate to the Online Orders Block and then select the Lobby Management Block.

Managing the customers and customer profiles at your dispensary is an important part of managing your sales floor. A customer must always be checked in before they can make a purchase, and your Lobby Management Block is where you will find all of your currently checked-in customers’ information. 

Checking In a Consumer 

Consumers can be checked in from their profile by selecting the Check-in Customer button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. 

To check in a customer that already lives in your system, select the Online Orders Block and then choose the Lobby Management Block. Here, you will see any checked-in customers, as well as options to check in a customer, search for a customer, and add a new customer profile altogether.

Next, select the Check-in Customer button and search for the customer you would like to check in. A pop up window containing all of your customer names, as well as the ability to view their individual profiles, will be displayed on your right-hand side. 

Simply select the blue Check-In button to add the customer to your lobby! Notice that you can also edit their profile by clicking the View Profile button in case any of this information has changed.

Once your customer is checked in, you can process them as you would any other order. Upon entering the sales floor, click Start Shopping, and then once they’ve left your dispensary you can remove them from the Active Customer list with the Check Out button.

Please Note: If a customer is currently checked into your Lobby and on a current order, you will not be able to add them to a new order. To do so, simply remove them from the order or check them out from your Lobby! 

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