1. Customer Ledger

To access your customer profiles, you must first navigate to the Customer Center Block and then select the Customers Block. The Customer Center is only visible to staff members with Manager or Admin access. To learn more about employee access levels, click here!

Customer Ledger

Here, you can search for specific customer profiles or view aggregated data based on that customer’s checkin and purchase history. 

Clicking the Details button allows you to view more granular data related to an individual customer’s account, including their profile information, order history, and loyalty activity. Loyalty points can be manually adjusted here, giving the customer a bonus or deduction of points. 

Navigating a Customer Profile

To view a customer’s profile, simply set the appropriate filters and/or search their name and select the blue Details button. This will pull up the customer profile modal, detailing the customer's profile information, the customer’s order history, and the customer’s loyalty program activity. 

Profile Information - See all of the customer’s profile information and make edits and adjustments as necessary.

Order History - See all of the customer’s past orders and refunds. 

Loyalty Activity - See the customer’s loyalty program related activity, including point accrual, Checkin activity, reward redemptions, etc. Points can be manually adjusted here, too, by selecting the Adjust Points button. 

Interest Tags - See all interest tags applied to the customer profile. Learn more about Interest Tags, here!

Campaign History - See all marketing campaigns that were sent to the customer.

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