1. View Existing Rewards

View Existing Rewards 

View the list of all rewards in this same section by selecting Rewards tab near the top of the page.

Filter Rewards

Date Range - Date of the rewards’ availability.

Days Available - Filter by this to find rewards that are only available on specific days.

Reward Type - Select the reward type to view specific rewards.

Tier - View rewards only accessible to the selected tiers. 

Available Online - View rewards available for online redemption.

Available Today - View rewards available today.

Rewards Dashboard

Location - Location the rewards are available at. 

Name - Name of reward. 

Type - Type of reward (checkin, enrollment, order complete). 

Points Required - Number of points required to redeem reward. 

Tier - Loyalty tier that rewards are available from.

Start/End - Date range that reward is available. 

Days - Days that reward is available. 

Available Online - If the reward is available for online redemption.

Enabled - If reward is available/active or unavailable/inactive. 

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View, Accept, & Deny Rewards Redeemed

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