1. Setting Up Point Triggers

Setting Up Point Triggers

Begin by navigating to the Settings & Configurations Block, and then choose the Loyalty Program Settings Block from the Organization Level. The Points tab is where you set up the activities that customers earn points for completing. Point triggers are shared across all locations in a Loyalty program.

This displays all existing points triggers. To create a new trigger, select the + Create Points Trigger button at the top right. Once all the fields in the form are completed, select Save

First, select an activity type:

Checkin - Points for customer check-ins at any station where Loyalty is enabled. 

Please Note: This trigger specifically allows you to set how many hours have to pass between checkins before a customer can earn more points. Our suggestion is 8 to 12 hours if you only want your customers to be able to earn points once per day. This will ensure customers who shop in the late afternoon and then again the next morning can still earn points.

Completed Order - With certain POS integrations, points can be awarded for completed orders.

Enrollment - When a customer enrolls in Loyalty for the first time. This can be via Collect or POS backfill. 

Points Per Event - Set the number of points you want customers to earn for that specific activity. 

Points Per Dollar - Set the number of points you want customers to earn for each order processed (for completed orders only). 

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