1. Create a Points Multiplier

Multipliers allow you to offer extra points to customers for certain activities at certain times. A great example is ‘Checkin Happy Hour’ where customers who check in between 1pm-5pm on weekdays earn double points. Multipliers are managed by each individual location.

Create a Points Multiplier

 To view and create new Loyalty Point Multipliers, you must first navigate to the Customer Center Block and then select the Loyalty Block. From here, choose the Multipliers tab.

This displays all existing points multipliers. It shows what the trigger is, what day and time the multiplier is set for, and if it's enabled.

To create a new multiplier, select the New Multiplier button at the top-right and open a new page.

Multiplier Name - Name this points multiplier so you’ll be able to identify it.

Loyalty Trigger - Select the relevant trigger to which this multiplier applies. Each activity type can only have one multiplier for day/time range at each location.

Multiplier Amount - Enter a value that the points should be multiplied by. For example, to do a triple points multiplier, enter 3. There’s no multiplier limit.

Day Of Week - Select the day(s) when this multiplier is active.

Start Time - Enter the time you want this multiplier to begin in local time.

Stop Time - Enter the time you want this multiplier to end in local time.

Enabled - Enable or disable the point multiplier.

Once all the fields are completed, be sure to select Save. Once the multiplier is saved, it takes you back to the complete list of active multipliers.

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