1. Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty is a customer retention tool that encourages your dispensary’s shoppers to become repeat customers through an enticing rewards program. A loyalty program benefits both the customer and your business; this is because a loyalty program can help attract customers to sign up with your dispensary, which grows your customer list, as well as opts them into text messaging (if you have this set up). The customer benefits from Loyalty since they get rewarded as a member of the program.

After customers have signed up for your loyalty program, they immediately start gaining points that can be used towards rewards like product discounts, apparel, and more. You have the freedom to create rewards that make the most sense for your business. With Loyalty, you also control how your customers earn points, whether based on store visits or spend-based.

Loyalty Benefits:

  • Increase repeat business by incentivizing customers to shop your dispensary with a rewarding loyalty program.

  • Encourage more sales with a points-per-dollar earning program option; customers are motivated to spend more to get more reward points.

  • Attract new customers by promoting your loyalty program in-store or online with Blackbird's white-labeled customer acquisition tools: Checkin and Collect.

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