1. Creating Rewards

To create a loyalty reward, you must first navigate to the Customer Center Block and then select the Loyalty Block. Next, select the Rewards tab from the dashboard. Here, you can create a new reward or edit an existing reward at any time by clicking the pencil next to the reward you want to make changes to. 

Creating Rewards

Choose the Create Reward button. You will be prompted to select a reward type and from there can fill out all necessary reward details. 

Reward Type

Select the desired reward type. This is for internal data reporting. 

Brand - A reward specific to a brand like 'Dosist'.

Category - A reward specific to a category of items like ‘flower’

Order - An order-specific reward like ‘$10 off $40 or more’

Product - A reward for a specific product.

Miscellaneous- A reward for other items such as t-shirts, hats, or batteries. Note: Miscellaneous rewards can only be redeemed from the Experiences App at this time.

Reward Details

Location - The retail location at which this reward is available.

Reward Name - The name of the reward that displays in a customer's eligible rewards. 

Reward Description - A brief summary of the reward itself. 

Amount Type -  Select Percent Off to make this reward a percentage based discount. Select Dollars Off to make it a monetary discount. Then enter the numeric amount based on the reward type you selected in the Reward Amount field.

Points Required - The number of loyalty points required to redeem this reward.

Minimum Order Subtotal - Set the minimum order total. This is also for internal reference and reporting.

Maximum Quantity - The maximum number of items this reward can be applied to in a single cart.

Limit Per Customer - Limit to how many times the reward can be redeemed by the customer. Note: Limit Per Customer does mean it can only be redeemed that many times by customers ever. If a reward has a limit of 1 per customer, then customers will only ever be able to redeem that reward one time.

Minimum Tier - The minimum loyalty tier the customer must reach in order to redeem this reward. If no tiers are set up, this field is inactive.

Available Online - Customers will be able to redeem rewards directly from their BlackbirdGo account by clicking the Heart icon near their Account login. Read more about online reward redemptions here.

Reward Schedule - Select a start date and end date for this reward, or leave this blank to run it indefinitely. Additionally, select the day(s) of the week you want this reward to be available by checking the box.

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